We choose plants that will grow  properly in the conditions surrounding your yard. Some plants grow better in shaded areas, whereas other plants need sun. We keep the plants size at maturity in mind when selecting your plants. That way it will minimize the need to trim and prune or replace a tree or shrub.





  • New lawns - We will take care of your new lawn by fertilizing it and controlling the weeds for the first year if your interested. New lawns need to be taken care of.

  • Landscape design
  • Landscape installation
  • Removal of old landscape
  • Brick patios and fire-pits
  • Walkways and retaining walls
  • Lighting systems
  • Ponds




Patio Restoration - Restore your patio to its original shape and luster.  Restore and save money.  Reuse your material and Go Green!.


Brick and stone patios, fire pits, walkways and landscaping and retaining walls



Jump Start Lawncare, Inc. has developed fertilization programs to keep your lawn looking it’s best. Our premium program is the GOLD PROGRAM which consists of: Preventive grub control applied once per year that will eliminate grubs eating the roots of your lawn guaranteed. Preventive surface insect control application once per year will help to keep chinch bugs, sod webworms, ants, ticks, and fleas out of your lawn.

We also recommend that core aeration be done in the spring or fall to prevent thatch build-up, stimulate growth, and to allow fertilizer, air and water to get down into the soil by the root zone. Thatching can also be done if the thatch in your lawn exceeds 1 inch in the spring or fall.

Some lawns never develop a thick green appearance because the wrong type of grass was planted. We evaluate what type of grass you have in your yard and make recommendations if there are problems.


Our two programs offered are:

  • 5 applications of balanced dry fertilizer

  • Pre-emergent crabgrass control

  • Broad leaf weed control

  • Grub control

  • Surface insect control

  • Core aeration or thatching

  • 5 applications of balance dry fertilizer

  • Pre-emergent crabgrass control

  • Broad leaf weed control

  • Additional services can be added

Tree and Shrub Program
Fertilize tree and shrubs once a year, spring and fall. Apply 3 applications of disease and insect control which would give one season control of some common insects. Prune tree and shrubs twice a year. We can also spray any weeds in your beds at that time.

Lawn Maintenance
Includes weekly mowing.  Edging and trimming to provide professional look. Spraying weeds in beds, along sidewalks, and driveway.  Trimming shrubs and small tress.


Spring and Fall Clean-up
Includes remove old leaves, branches and debris from your lawn and beds.  Cut and or trim perennials to provide proper growth potential and health.  Proper clean-up preparation can eliminate any potential future problems.


Bed Maintenance
We can put down pre-emergent in all flower beds, around house, around tree rings, any mulched area to prevent weeds from germinating. This is done before mulching. We can also cut back any of your perennials at that time, such as ornamental grasses, etc. We can also clean beds of leaves or debris left from previous year and do any pruning needed.  We also edge beds and around trees so you're ready for mulching.

Lawn Restoration
Lawn restoration includes cutting grass down as low as possible, thatching lawn to remove dead grass, aeration to provide holes in lawn for overseeding, applying starter fertilizer, overseeding whole yard with correct type of grass seed for the area, and covering seed with penn mulch, which is better than straw. This process is 1/2 the cost of installing a new lawn.

Excess thatch can cause insect and disease problems. If your lawn feels like carpet when you walk on it, your lawn would benefit from dethatching.

Core Aeration
Golf course supervisors have known for years the secret to a beautiful dense turf is to aerate 2-3 times per year. Now your lawn can enjoy the benefits of professional aeration! Some benefits are to loosen compacted clay soil, allows air, water and nutrients to get down into the soil, promotes root development, and provides a good environment for overseeding.

Slice Seeding
Slice seeding is an option for a thin lawn or a lawn with many bare spots. Slice seeding cuts lines in your lawn and drops seed into it at the same time. It can help make an old lawn look brand new.

Organic Mosquito Barrier Control
Just one mosquito bite can transmit West Nile virus or other diseases. This is an organic product that we can spray around house on tree and shrubs, and lawn that can control mosquitoes, fleas and ticks up to 4 weeks.

ALL Organic Fertilization Program 


Partial Organic Program

Snow Removal
Our snow removal service ensures that your pavement area is free of snow and safe to walk and drive on.


Our services include fertilization programs, core aeration, dethatching, slice seeding, tree and shrub program, organic tree and shrub program, bed maintenance, pruning, new lawn installation, lawn renovation, grass cutting, mulching, and snow removal.

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